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Learning Oriental Dance (also known as Bellydance) is a play between dance steps and isolating movements as well as acknowledgement of one's feelings and right to femininity. While teaching, I love to emphasise on the importance of posture and natural movements as well as the Arabic culture and the roots of this enchanting and freeing (eher: “releasing”?)dance style.


My name is Rosita ALZENA. I am a professional bellydance teacher and performer with over 25 years of experience.


I live in Immensee/SZ and offer in-person classes as well as online courses and workshops.


The English version of this website is under construction. Thank you for your understanding. 


Two courses are currently available in English and you will find some mini tutorials  on my Youtube channel.


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Happy dancing!

Sincerely, Rosita ALZENA

A.B.C. ONLINE Course. Introduction to Bellydance (English)

In this 10 lessons introductory course (3 modules), I will share my Bellydance secrets with you to give your body a more comfortable range of motion. You will learn all the basic Bellydance moves (hips and upper body), steps, arms and hands. Adding travelling step combinations and some veil work will charm you.


The moves are broken down into manageable components, making them easier to learn. BONUS includes warm-up and cool-down videos.

  • attend at you best time
  • 10 video lessons
  • 60 min. each class
  • immediate access
  • in English

Become more comfortable with your body, improve your mobility, flexibility and posture.

Price: CHF 300

Available shortly!


Picture Galerie

Feel free to visit my picture galerie. An unbelievable treasure of precious memories. Unbeliievable women, both students and teacher friends, that I have shared moments wiith.

Privat classes on Request.

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